FST (Fitted) Modula-2 Version 4.0 Documentation

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10. Other utilities

10.1 Editor configurator

This program lets you define the keystrokes to be used to invoke all the editor commands, the screen attributes (colors) to use, and the default editor options. Invocation:


EdConfig presents you with a menu from which you may elect to modify the default editor options, the display attributes, or configure the editor commands.

If you are creating a new configuration file, you must configure the editor commands.

If you chose to configure the editor commands, you will be prompted for a log file (default M2ED.HLP), a text file in which all of your command choices will be saved (you may print this file to create a quick reference card). EDCONFIG will then prompt you for the key sequence to be used for each editor command. For each command, EDCONFIG will also give you the option of defining an alternate key sequence.

When you select Quit, the program will prompt you for an output file, the default being 'M2ED.CFG'.

10.2 Map file generator


DBG2MAP program_name

Reads the .DBG file created by M2LINK and creates a DOS LINK compatible .MAP file.

10.3 Make and the Makefile generator

These utilities eliminate the burden, on the user's part, of having to figure out which modules are affected and, therefore, need to be recompiled as a result of any changes to particular definition modules.

GENMAKE creates the .MAK file, the file with all the dependencies (this is the hard part) whereas MAKE (built into the compiler) will insure that these dependencies are observed when updating the object files.

GENMAKE Invocation:

GENMAKE main_module_name [/l] [/obj]

generates the .MAK file containing all the module dependencies for the named program. It does this by reading all the IMPORT statements in the main module and, recursively, generating the dependency lists for all those modules. GENMAKE will, indeed, read all the .MOD and .DEF files involved.

The /l option instructs GenMake to include the directories listed in the environment variable M2LIB in its search path. Otherwise, only the modules in the current directory will be taken into consideration when creating the makefile.

The /obj option tells GenMake that you will be using the compiler to generate OBJ files instead of M2O files.

MAKE invocation: see the sections on MC and M2COMP.

MAKE will invoke the compiler as needed to assure that all the dependencies in the make file are observed. MAKE is dumb in that it will just run through the makefile sequentially. It was GENMAKE's responsibility to see that the dependencies are listed in a proper sequence. Please keep this in mind if you should edit a makefile!

10.4 M2O file decoder


DECODE module_name

Decodes a .M2O file sending the output to the terminal.