FST (Fitted) Modula-2 Version 4.0 Documentation

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12. The runtime support system

The library module System contains the runtime system's initialization code. In particular, special interrupt vectors are loaded with the addresses of routines (also in System) that will handle runtime errors and other abnormal program terminations. In addition, the module Storage depends on System doing its stuff -- setting the HeapBase, HeapTop and MemTop variables.

Three other special modules are included in this package. M2Reals, M2Longs and M2Procs. These modules provide support for specific language features.

M2Reals handles all the REAL and LONGREAL arithmetic and conversions. M2Reals checks for the presence of an 8087 math co-processor and uses it, if found.

M2Longs handles LONGINT and LONGCARD arithmetic.

M2Procs provides the coroutine support.