FST (Fitted) Modula-2 Version 4.0 Documentation

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Instead of using environment variables to set compiler options, you may use the M2.CFG file.
All this system's programs attempt to locate the M2.CFG file on start up. If this file is found in one of the PATH directories, its contents are used to set the program's default options.
Environment variables can be used to override options in the M2.CFG file.
Default command line options for the various programs can also be coded in the M2.CFG file.

Example M2.CFG:
   m2model large
   m2lib \rel3\comp\libc;\rel3\lib;\rel3\lib\l
   mc /p mc /s 2013 14000 /d-
   m2link /l /v

In this example we specify the use of the LARGE memory model, we set our M2LIB path, and specify the default command line arguments to MC and M2LINK.