FST (Fitted) Modula-2 Version 4.0 Documentation

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8. The Text Editor

The text editor included in this package has all the features that you have come to expect from a basic program editor: the ability to insert, delete, move, find and replace text; support for concurrent editing of multiple files (as many as will fit in memory) in separate windows (as many as will fit on the screen) with the ability to copy or move text from window to window.

Although you may load the same file in two different windows, the editor will not be aware of the fact and will treat the two copies as two different files.

The only preset limitation in the editor is that it cannot handle files bigger than 64k. This decision was justified by the fact that Modula-2 programs are supposed to be modular. File load/save speed was the overriding factor here.

All the text editor keys are defined by the user through the use of the EDCONFIG program. When the editor starts, it expects to find the file M2ED.CFG in the current PATH.

M2ED.CFG will also tell the editor what display colors (attributes) to use for the Status line, for Normal text and for Marked text blocks.

Finally, M2ED.CFG also contains the default settings for the TAB size value, as well as whether or not the editor will expand the tabs inserted into the text spaces. Note: Tabs present in a file will not be expanded to spaces by the editor.

To get you started, we provide a M2ED.CFG file with the following definitions:

Cursor left : Left
Cursor right : Right
Cursor up : Up
Cursor down : Down
Previous word : ^Left
Next word : ^Righ
Page up : PgUp
Page down : PgDn
Cursor to beginning of line : Home
Cursor to end of line : End
Cursor to top of window : ^Home
Cursor to bottom of window : ^End
To beginning of file : ^PgUp
To end of file : ^PgDn
Current line to top of window : AltT
Toggle insert/overtype : Ins
Delete character under cursor : Del
Delete previous character : ^H
Delete Current Line : ^Y
Delete to EOL : AltY
Delete Word : ^D
Indent Line : F4
Unindent Line : F3
Indent Block : Alt=
Unindent Block : Alt-
New file : AltN
Read file : AltR
Write block : AltW
Save file : AltS
Open window : ^O
Close Window : ^C
Next window : F2
Previous window : aF2
Split screen : ^S
Mark beginning of block : F7
Mark end of block : F8
Goto beginning of block : AltB
Goto end of block : AltE
Clear block marks : AltH
Copy block : AltC
Delete block : AltD
Move block : AltM
Search forward : F5
Search backwards : aF5
Replace forward : F6
Replace backwards : aF6
Global replace : ^F6
Repeat last search/replace : F1
Goto next error : ^E
Goto previous error : ^P
Goto line : AltG
Set options : AltO
Redraw the screen : ^L
Quit : AltQ