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Why this page?

There are quite few people who use Modula-2 these days. But there may be more than you imagine. This subsection of the Free Modula-2 Pages shows some possible ways to get involved, ways to start communication, ways to get questions answered. Therefore it mostly utilises other parts of the Free Modula-2 Pages. But there may also be information that is new to longtime participants of this sensible and fragile thing that sometimes seems to be a community.

What is available?

[ top ]  Chat

Yes, there is a Modula-2 IRC Chat. A bot called PageSix is always online in there and of course it is coded in Modula-2. More information and the sourcecode of the bot is available.
There are a lot of possibilities how to access IRC. There are free clients for most operating systems, you can simply join by using your browser and there is the ChatZilla addon for the Mozilla browser family (Firefox, Seamonkey).

[ top ]  Blogs

The Knights of Type is a blog to promote type safety in software development, focused strongly on Modula-2 R10. "In this journal we examine the rationale behind various design choices made during the modernisation and revision of Niklaus Wirth's Modula-2 programming language. While the primary design objective has always been type safety, other considerations also played a part, in particular correctness, consistency and readability. The discussion should be of interest not only to those with an interest in Wirthian programming languages, but also to those with an interest in type safe design in general."
Carl Glassberg created a blog called Modula2Squad.com: "This blog will focus on Modula-2 programming. I hope later to post examples showing how to call assembly language from Modula-2."

[ top ]  Projects

Projects which are open for participation / looking for help. This section heavily depends on user submissions.

GNU Modula-2: You may want to start reading the GNU Coding Standards or by visiting the GNU Modula-2 homepage.

[ top ]  Newsgroups, Forums, Mailing lists

The traditional ways to participate in internet communication. There are already sections providing extensive information on newsgroups, forums and mailing lists related to Modula-2.

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Contact, suggestions, submission of news items: modula2 at christophschlegel.at