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[ top ]  About the language Modula-2

Modula-2 is a language offering both powerful and modern concepts like strict modularization or exception-handling (in ISO Modula-2. Yes, there is an ISO-Standard: ISO/IEC 10514) and it is easy to learn. The future of the language is shaped by Modula-2 R10, a modern revision of classic Modula-2.
In my opinion sources written in Modula-2 are better readable than code written in other languages. A lot of bugs and errors can be avoided by using Modula-2 instead of languages which are less strict in concept. Modula-2 can therefore be used (and has been used a lot) in security critical fields. Free compilers which support the programmer through excellent warnings and clear error messages are available for a variety of platforms including Linux, BSD and various Microsoft Dos/Windows operating systems. As soon as you get familiar to Niklaus Wirth and his way of thinking, I hope you can understand why I created this page.

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[ top ]  About FMP (The Free Modula-2 Pages)

With a new computer language one not only learns a new vocabulary and grammar but opens oneself to a new world of thought. (Niklaus Wirth)

This page was created as lots of Modula-2 related pages contain broken links or other outdated material. As I am very sure Modula-2 is a good language supporting the programmer through its concepts I want to provide a good starting point for people interested in the language. I also try to provide an interesting mix of news from the Modula-2 world (both actual news about Modula-2 from the present as well as historically interesting documents, facts, software). Enjoy.

The page concentrates on free Modula-2 resources (as you may have guessed from the page-title). If you know free compilers, projects or other Modula-2 related resources, please let me know. This page is often updated - a "Modula-2 should not disappear project".

I run a linkcheck now and then to keep the whole thing up to date. When a link seems to be dead I add a note that the page is unreachable. If it remains in this state for more than one or two months the link is removed. Not all dead links can of course be filtered this way: Please report dead links.

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