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GNU Modula-2

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Installing a Modula-2 Environment

[ top ]  Microsoft Windows (and DOS)

[ top ]  Linux and BSD

This section is discontinued as most people using Linux oder BSD have their favorite toolchain to use their favorite Modula-2 compiler. Most people will use GNU Modula-2, GNU Make and some text editor like Emacs or VIM.
[OFFLINE?] Roberto Aragón has some information in Spanish language available which is readable through online translators. You can view his page as a tutorial to start working with a Modula-2 compiler (Mocka), a good editor (Kate) and an easy to use debugger (GNU DDD which works as a frontend for debuggers). Mr. Aragón also provides a few interesting scripts for better integration of the Modula-2 compiler with Kate.

[ top ]  Free Editors with M-2 Highlighting

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